Home Owners Association Management and our Fees

What do we pay the HOA fees for?
The HOA provides the communal facilities including the pool, the cabana, tennis courts and the kids play area. Also the HOA is responsible for the entrance and landscaping around the ponds and maintenance of the lawns. Although we rely on volunteers we do need to pay for the services of a community manager to administer some as aspects of the HOA.


I would like to raise a question about the HOA, who do I ask?
You can contact the Board through email or you can contact the community manager. The contact details can be found at www.bwxhoa.org .  You can also attend one of the regular board meetings and ask your question at the end of the meeting in person.


Where are the rules and regulations that the HOA abides by?
You should have been given copies of the covenants and byelaws when you completed the purchase of your house in Bridgewater Crossing. You can also find copies on the HOA website.


When will you next have a public meeting?
Board meetings are held regularly throughout the year and notice is posted on the website and on the community board at the entrance.  This not a public meeting as such, as it is a meeting for the Board to conduct its business but you have the right to be present. We generally have few minutes at the end for general questions.

The Annual Meeting or if a “special meeting” is called are technically public meetings as all members (homeowners) have a right to speak.


I am unable to pay my fees, what are my options?
The HOA collection policy is here. If you fail to pay your fair contribution for the maintenance of the community, the HOA has a right and duty to place a "Lien" against your property or if the amount is considerable to seek foreclosure on your home.


Who are Don Asher & Associates and what do they do?
They are our management company and they work in partnership with us to enhance the value of the community.  They help us discharge our legal responsibilities and administer the collection of fees.


HOA rules and obligations

I need to repaint my house what do I need to do?
If you wish to paint your house there are certain things to consider. If you wish to re-paint your house you need permission from the HOA.
We are not doing this just to be awkward but we want our area to have an appeal not only to those who live here but prospective purchasers.  We did have a large palette of colors but it has become obsolete   We prefer the lighter/pastel shades to enhance the estate. Applications should be sent to our Community Manager with full details of what you propose to do.  We will endeavour to give you a reply within 14 days and 30 days maximum.


What color can I paint my house?
Please look round the community.  We want homes to blend in with each other and no eyesores!!!   So please consider this when deciding on a color. Once you have selected a color you need to ask the ARB permission to proceed.


My neighbor has a new fence does it comply with regulations?
Your neighbor should have applied to the ARB (Architectural Review Board) and should have had approval for the fence. If you wish you can check with the ARB yourself.


Why have I had a violation letter about my lawn?
We  have a duty to keep the community looking at its very best. If your house or lawn appears to be neglected you will receive a violation letter. It is your responsibility to respond to the  letter and rectify the problem


I am an overseas owner and have had a violation letter, my Management Company says ignore it, what should I do?
We have changed our procedures so that if you get a violation letter you need to take it seriously. We won’t send them out for trivial matters. Management Companies have a tendency to downplay things. Ask one of your friends on the community to send you a picture,or if you go to the forum and ask who can do that for you, someone will normally volunteer!


What is the violations process, and how can I appeal?
We are still working on the process, so please visit the website where the details will be published.


Can I park my business vehicle on my drive?
No boats, trailers, campers, commercial trucks, mobile homes or recreational vehicles can be parked on the property unless inside the garage.  Certain trucks will be permitted if they comply as follows:
a)              Do not exceed one ton capacity
b)              Camper shells do not extend more than 12 inches over cab roof
c)              All signage and lettering is of a professional standard
d)              Frame to ground clearance does not exceed 24 inches
e)              No added frames, racks or boxes


Other HOA questions

Why is there an empty car park with no properties down by the pool area?
This is to do with the lawsuits and the details can be found here.  If you have more questions you may wish to address them to the Board or come to one of the meetings.


Why were the lovely trees removed from the front entrance?
Unfortunately the original builders planted them too close to the wall and they were undermining the wall foundations.  We have some plans to improve the entrance but we have a limited budget and plan to work on this through the year.  Please contact the board if you have any ideas.


I am thinking of buying in Bridgewater Crossing, what do I need to know about the HOA?
We are a thriving community and in 2012 a new board was elected with great support from the community. Their vision is to ensure the community is kept looking at its very best whilst maintaining good financial control of the expenses.


Who maintains our lawns and gardens?
The board award a contract to a landscaping company who is responsible for the communal areas. Any queries should be sent to the board.


I have a noisy neighbour, can the HOA help me?
It all depends on the circumstances.  Obnoxious or Offensive Activity which is a source of annoyance, embarrassment or discomfort to owners or their tenants can be dealt with under our violations procedure.  This would have to be monitored and circumstances recorded on an ongoing basis.   If there is an immediate problem (i.e. a noisy party after midnight) and you are not able to discuss this with the owner then you may need to contact the Sheriff’s office for assistance.


Is there a forum of owners where we can share ideas and issues?
Yes, please visit - https://bridgewatercrossingfl.nextdoor.com


What security arrangements have the HOA made so I can feel safe in my community?
We have good relationships with the local Sheriff and they do make regular patrols. The Police department will issue relevant security information from time to time, which will be posted on www.bwxhoa.org. We do rely on all of us keeping vigilant in the community so suspicious activity should be reported. You can call the Polk County Sheriff on 863-298-6200.


How can I get involved in the HOA?
We are a voluntary organisation and do need all the help and support we can get from the community. Please contact one of the board, if you would like to help us and help keep your community looking its very best.


HOA Facilities

How do I get to use the communal pool?
To access the pool area you need the entry code which is the last FIVE digits of your account number.


What other facilities do we have for owners and their guests?
Pool - open sunrise to sundown
Basketball Court - 1/2 basketball court - open sunrise to sundown
Volleyball Court - sand volleyball court - open sunrise to sundown
Picnic Area - A small gazebo with picnic table - open sunrise to sundown
Playground - An enclosed sand based playground  - open sunrise to sundown
Tennis Courts - Two enclosed tennis courts - Lights for evening use.