Volleyball courtAnnual Accounts.

At the end of each financial year, December 31st, the Board must arrange an independent review of the accounts by a CPA.

In the past there has been inconsistency in the Board's documentation so we give below the historical information that is available.


2020 Accounts - This year there was a small excess of income of $6771.00 which will be added to our carried forward balance for the Camera and Dredging Projects which commenced work in the 1st quarter of 2021

2019 Accounts -  This year we had a significant sum of $24k in excess of income owing to problems with Artemis completing projects in the year. The sum will be used to fund Security Cameras on our entrances and the dredging of some of our ponds

2018 Accounts  - This year we have had  $1269.00 in excess of expenditure.  There was no significant contribution of the townhomes but a well had to be sunk.

2017 Accounts -  Again with good housekeeping we have made a small excess of $3,400.00 at year end.  We are taking over the managmenent of the townhomes in 2018 so we will see how this is reflected in our accounts in the future

2016 Accounts -  We are showing a small profit of $2,253.00 at year end but $1,770.00 relates to the Capital Contribution on the purchasing of the Townhomes by new owners.  This money we have ear-marked into reserves to help with any capital expenditure we will have for CCTV in the future.

2015 Accounts -  Although we are showing a loss for the year, we have carried forward $32,000 from previous years.  We had budgeted for the improvements to the front of the community in 2012 and 2013 but were unable to complete the work owing to the Utilities and the County working on Ronald Reagan Pkwy.

2014 Accounts

2013 Accounts

2012 Accounts

2011 Accounts with Commentary

2010 Accounts - "Compiled"  - These accounts should have been "reviewed"

2009 Accounts - Not available

2008 Accounts - "Compiled"


According to State Statute HOAs must have their accounts independently presented each year.  If income is below $200,000 then a CPA need only "compile" them.  If above $200,000 and below $400,000 they must be "reviewed" and above the $400k figure "audited".  Our covenants indicate they must be "audited", however State laws over-ride our covenants and bylaws UNLESS OUR RULES ARE MORE prescriptive.

An "audit" is considerably more expensive so the 2012 Board feel that we should continue the practice of the old Board.