Colors in BWX

The original Board of Directors compiled a list of the colors permitted under the AR Process.

We have produced a small booklet with a sample of 77 colors to give you some idea of the exterior building colors. SAMPLE.

This is a selection of 77 colors which have been lifted from the OLD Community Palette.  Please note that  these colors were produced by Porter Paints some time ago but may no longer be available.
Please select similar colors from other suppliers and they will be considered.  It gives you an INDICATION of the colors which are permitted in Bridgewater Crossing.
Please send any AR requests  to our Community Manager.

Front doors can be painted in a darker color as a contrast to the rest of the building.  Garage doors should be White/Cream or in the lighter pastel colors.

However if there is a color which you prefer please send in the ARB request and we will respond asap

For AR Form please follow the link.