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Our estate is a "Deed Restricted" Community which means that the initial builder planned the estate so that owners could enjoy a pleasant and enjoyable life in pleasant surroundings and that future purchasers maintain the area to the highest standards.  This means there are certain obligations to maintain our individual properties and front lots/gardens.  We do not permit boats or trailers and there are a number of other rules which every owner and renter is obliged to comply with, and your HOA Board must enforce.

These rules are enshrined in the "Covenants and Bylaws" which owners are given on the purchase of their house.  We have produced a booklet which summarises and simplifies these requirements as an "easy" guide to assist owners.  If you do not have a copy please download a copy or contact our Community Manager for a copy.

Your Board are duty bound to maintain the common areas and also to regulate and enforce rules to improve our neighborhood.

Please see a copy of the Covenants and Bylaws.  If you are in any doubt about such things as painting the exterior color of your house, please contact one of us, or our Estate Manager.

We are forming an Architectural Review Committee which will assist owners.  You must apply to the ARC if you wish to paint your house or alter the landscaping.


Misc Forms
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