Your Board of Directors

Eric Jones  – President

Bill Carling – Vice President

Des Deignan – Treasurer & Secretary

 Please follow link on right for their contact details.


Regular Board Meeting take place at which homeowners are welcome to attend (please see notices on our website and at the entrance).   We, the Board have a job to do, to maintain and improve the facilities on our estate and to act for the greater good of our community.  In order to do this, we meet with our Community Manager to discuss and decide on matters in hand.   Whilst we welcome input and suggestions from homeowners, it is the members of the Board who will make decisions. 

If you wish to bring a particular point or raise an item for the agenda please ensure you pass this onto our Commnity Manager at the earliest opportunity to put it on the agenda for the next Board Meeting.   We are there to primarily deal with matters on the agenda and it is not an “open forum” so please give some background to your request so we can try to deal with your concern as speedily as possible.

Should you have an emergency or need immediate assistance please contact Don Asher & Associates by telephone.