Notices - Regulat Meeting of the Board of Directors of the HOA  -  Wednesday 24th August at 3.30pm - We anticipate a "Hybrid Meeting" with some people online and others present

An eblast will be sent out to invite Homeowners to join with "Teams"  or please contact Nuria, our community manager if you wish to join the meeeting.



KEYPAD ENTRANCE TO THE POOL / CABANA  - Please use the last 6 digits of your account number as shown on your coupon

Pool Notice

Joe from our Amenities Committee has found the gates to the Pool Area wedged open a number of times recently.  It is essential that these gates be kept closed when not in use. The pool is an amenity our community pays for so we should not allow it to be misused by people who are not owners or their guests.

Can you please advise any renters of your property to ensure the gates are kept closed.