The Board met on October 20th 2021 to set the Budget and the Assessments for 2022

It was decided to maintain the Community Assessment for 2022

Community Assessment for 2022 - $190.00 per quarter

Community Assessment for 2021 - $190.00 per quarter

Community Assessment for 2020 - $190.00 per quarter

Community Assessment for 2019 - $185.00 per quarter

Community Assessment for 2018 - $185.00 per quarter

Community Assessment for 2017 - $185.00 per quarter

Community Assessment for 2016 - $185.00 per quarter


2022 TOWNHOME ASSESSMENTS - Monthly - With a reduction for the TownHomes

Bridgewater Townhomes - $232.00

Waterford Townhomes - $139.00



Bridgewater Townhomes - $273.00

Waterford Townhomes - $146.19



Bridgewater Townhomes - $269.04

Waterford Townhomes - $132.47





Annual General Meeting & Election 2021

The Annual Meeting of the Membership for the Bridgewater Crossing Homeowners Association was scheduled to take place on Wednesday November 17th 2021

However there were only 8 homeowners present in person and by proxy.  The minimum quorum as stated in our Declaration is 20% of the membership  i.e. 46 so no AGM could take place.

As there could be no AGM there could be no vote to elect a new Director.   The present Board is retained



Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of the HOA  -  Wednesday 24th August at 3.30pm - We anticipate a "Hybrid Meeting"  with people online and in person



Colors in BWX

The original Board of Directors compiled a list of the colors permitted under the AR Process.

We have produced a small booklet with a sample of 77 colors to give you some idea of the exterior building colors. SAMPLE.

This is a selection of 77 colors which have been lifted from the OLD Community Palette.  Please note that  these colors were produced by Porter Paints some time ago but may no longer be available.
Please select similar colors from other suppliers and they will be considered.  It gives you an INDICATION of the colors which are permitted in Bridgewater Crossing.
Please send any AR requests  to our Community Manager.

Front doors can be painted in a darker color as a contrast to the rest of the building.  Garage doors should be White/Cream or in the lighter pastel colors.

However if there is a color which you prefer please send in the ARB request and we will respond asap

For AR Form please follow the link.

Monthly Financial Reporting

In the middle of each month our managment Company prepares a report for the Board on our expenditure and income for the previous month.  This gives us a snapshot on our activities and compares our spending to our prepared budget.  Each month we will publish the Balance Sheet and Income Report for your information.

May 2022 Report

April 2022 Report

March 2022 Report

February 2022 Report

January 2022 Report

December 2021 Report

November 2021 Report

October  2021 Report

September 2021 Report

August 2021 Report

July 2021 Report

June 2021  Report

May 2021 Report

April 2021 Report

March 2021 Report

February 2021 Report

January 2021 Report

December 2020   Report

November 2020  Report

October 2010 Report

September 2020 Report

August 2020 Report

July 2020 Report

June 2020 Report

May 2020 Report

April 2020 Report

March 2020   Report

February 2020 Report

January 2020  Report

October 2019 Report

June 2019 Report

May 2019 Report

April 2019  Report

March 2019 Report

February 2019 Report

January 2019 Report

December 2018 Report

October 2018  Report

September 2018  Report

August 2018  Report

July 2018 Report

June 2018  Report

May 2018  Report

April 2018  Report

March 2018  Report

February 2018  Report

January 2018 Report

December 2017 Report

November 2017  Report

July 2017  Report

June 2017 Report

April 2017  Report

January 2017 - Report

December 2016  Report

September 2016 - Report

August 2016 - Report

July 2016 -  Report
I have queried the uneven income stream for this year and they had posted some bad debts to the wrong period so there will be revised figures for August

June 2016  - Report

May 2016 - Report

March 2016   - Report
We have a few areas of overspend in the first 3 months of the year but apart from the new camera costs these should  match the budget by year end.

December 2015  Report
We have ended the year in a better position than anticipated.  In theory we are showing a loss of $17.772 BUT we had $32,000 earmarked from previous years for the project to upgrade and improve the front of the community.  We have managed to bring this in under budget and therefore we have $14,000 to carry forward into 2016.  Some of this has been allocated to the new camera system at the Cabana which was installed in January 2016 owing to incidences of vandalism in 2015

September 2015  Report

August 2015 Report
We are in line with the Treasurer's forecast.  We will have overspent this year's budget but we have money in reserve for the restoration of the front of the community.  Owing to Utility Works delaying this project this money had not been spent in the previous years.

March 2015 Report
"We had hoped for some income from the new townhouses but no sales yet"

February 2015  Report

January 2015 Report
"New Year so not much to comment"

Dec 2014 Report
"We have had some unexpected expenditure: the well, legal fees and repairs to front wall but come through the year with $2000 income in excess of expenditure!!"

May 2014 Report
"Sorry been busy and not had time to make comments !!"

April 2014 Report

March 2014  Report

February 2014  Report
"Another area of unexpected expenditure relates to the fact that all communication with the "CVM" group is through their attorney so our attorney has to be involved at considerable expense to the association. This will be reflected in the coming months"

January 2014  Report
"It is a bit early in our new year to focus on an specific area. However we may have unexpected costs relating to the re-location of a new ground well"

November 2013  Report
"We are continuing to make cost savings and we anticipate to bring forward a profit for 2013 thus enabling us to reduce the  assessments for 2014"

October 2013   Report
"We have made substantial in-roads to our outstanding fees situation so much so that we will have a credit in our bad debt account at the year end  not a deficit"

July 2013  Report

"You will see more clearly how our finances are doing now we have stripped the anomaly caused by Hancock Bank.  We will have higher than anticipated "legal" charges as we have to consult attorneys about the status of the proposed new townhouses"

April to June 2013

"I apologise for not loading this data owing to pressure of personal business and queries which have arisen as a result of the sale of land in our community.  This has now been resolved and we have established that, at this time, we have 215 persons/owners who are liable for assessments.  This is now reflected in the information for July"

February 2013  Report

"We have not instigated any new projects in the "front" area as this will be disturbed by the "Utility" company erecting new poles

January 2013  Report

"As we commence our new year the Board plan to continue it's tight control of expenditure"

December 2012

November 2012  Report

"Coming towards the year end I see a very healthy outlook to our finances. Following our strict control over expenditure we can now transfer over £10,000 to the Reserve account.  We need to do this as the last Board took money from the reserves and placed it into the Operating Account creating an anomaly which needed to be rectified"

October 2012  Report

"We are still on course to keep our expenditure well within our budget and should be able to  repay some of the missing money from the negative reserves we inherited from the last board"

September 2012   Report

"We are maintaining a healthy balance keeping well within our planned budget.  The invoices for the work done at the front entrance were incorrectly posted in September but will be rectified for the October Report"

August 2012   Report

"Just a couple of points Legal expenses are running slightly above budget but we have recovered $2,281 in legal fess previously paid out.  Also the Irrigation charges relate to work done in 2010 and the invoices have only recently been received !!!"

July 2012  Report

"Our financial position has strengthened a bit this month with the correction to our equity figure on page 2.  Our accountants found that we had written-off some debts twice in previous years so this brings back a tranche of money. Again our general expenses are being kept in hand but our bad debt and legal  are creeping up.  One reason is that some homes have been foreclosed by the Mortgage holder and we only receive one year of assessments even if they owe us a larger amount. Therefore we have to write off the difference as a bad debt.  We have also had to seek legal opinion on various matters recently"

June 2012 Report

"Very little has changed from our May Report"

May 2012    Report

"We are pleased to report that our General Administration expenditure has been kept to a minimum and we are running over $6,000 within budget.  Recreational and Utility expenses are on course.  However with Ground Maintenance we are slightly over budget but that is due to the previous Board authorising expenditure in January before they were replaced"

April 2012    Report

"Over the last month or so we have contacted some homeowners who are in arrears and persuaded some to enter into a payment scheme.  A further 2 homes have been sold and large arrears have been paid up. 

We are still working well within our budget for the current year and we will start our plans to enhance the entrance area"

March 2012     Report

"Please have a look at the above report which gives updated information reflecting the uncollected assessments and our projection for the year end.  We are tracking our expenditure until June when we will judge which projects we can proceed with in the latter part of the year.

We are running well within budget at the present time despite the expenditure on the Tennis and Basketball courts.  Luckily the problem with our well pump appears to have been a faulty earth connection."

February 2012  Report

"Please see the latest figures for our community finances  - have a look at the "Sticky Notes" which gives a few points.

At present we have 10 properties plus the 32 Hancock units not paying and therefore we have a shortfall in REAL income of $5590.76.  The delinquent interest relates to primarily the money owed by Hancocks Bank, which is in dispute, so we cannot depend on it.  There are also a number of homeowners who have forgotten to pay their dues and Associa are  sending out reminders.

We have a problem with one of our well pumps so we need to be prepared for some unexpected expenditure."

January 2012    Report

"Please note that the BUDGET displayed is the "OLD" budget approved by the previous board and which has now been superceded and therefore the comparison is invalid.    Additionally certain items such a number of police patrols which were carried out in December of 2011 have only been invoiced in 2012.  The new budget will be shown in the February Report when a better picture will be given."