Collections Policy

The Board is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the community areas and the general "look" of our sub-division.  We must ensure the Pool and Cabana areas are cleaned, the grass is mowed, the sidwalks are kept in good condition and a multitude of other jobs.  In this we greatly assisted by our management company Associa - Community Management Professionals but we have to pay many people including utilities etc.

We have, therefore to manage the income and expenditure of the Association and full details of the budget are shown in another section of our website.

We must collect the assessments from our owners but we must treat them in a fair and professional way.  So every year the coupons are sent out to request our owners to pay the assessment on a quartely basis.  Details of the methods offered by Aegis are outlined in the booklet.

However should owners fail to pay, we must ensure that we collect from those who do not pay.  So we have set out a policy which our Management Company, and if necessary our Attorneys will follow to recover debts due.  Please follow the link.

Collection Policy

PLEASE NOTE if you fail to pay your fair contribution to the care and maintenance of the community we have the right and duty to place a "Lien" against your property or if the amount is considerable to seek foreclosure on your home.