Bridgwater viewArchitectural Review Process

 If you wish to re-paint your house or change the aspect of your property i.e. changing grass to river rock. You need permission from the HOA.

We are not doing this just to be ackward but we want our area to have an appeal not only to those who live here but prospective purchasers.  We do have a large pallette of colors but we prefer the lighter/pastel shades to enhance the estate.

Applications should be sent to our Community Manager with full details of what you propose to do.  We will endeavour to give you a reply within 14 days but with a maximum of 30 days.   Should the form be incomplete it may take longer.

Please follow the link to obtain a copy of the form.


Please note if you not have completed the work within NINE monthe of the AR Committee's decision the application/decision is null and void.

We have producied a booklet summarising the AR policies which can be found in "legal jargon" in our Covenants and Bylaws.

Please follow the link to the right for a sample of colors used in our sub-division