poolsidePool and Amenities Policy

Electronic locks are used to access the Pool Area. 

  • The lock is being updated

If your access has been de-activated it may take a few days for it to be re-activated so please ensure your fees are up to date.


Please do not let others into the pool area unless they are part of your own group.

If they have a access issue please ask them to contact our Community Manager. 


Additionally, youngsters from other neighborhoods have been found in the pool - let in by homeowners.  Please do not allow them in – you are protecting our facilities.


Any Homeowners wishing to have a party at the:


must initially make a request and receive approval from the BWXHOA Board at least 2 weeks prior to the date.

All homeowner’s using the facility MUST remove ALL of their trash and leave the facility in the same way that it was when they arrived. Anyone who fails to comply, will receive a $50 cleaning fee applied to their HOA dues as a Special Assessment.    REQUEST FORM

Access Times

Pool - open sunrise to sundown
Basketball Court - 1/2 basketball court - open sunrise to sundown
Volleyball Court - sand volleyball court - open sunrise to sundown
Picnic Area - A small gazebo with picnic table - open sunrise to sundown
Playground - An enclosed sand based playground  - open sunrise to sundown
Tennis Courts - Two enclosed tennis courts - Lights for evening use.

By FL State Law - All homeowners who want to use these amenities must be current in their HOA dues.  If you have any outstanding fees the Board reserves the right to deny access to these amenities.